Liturgical Ministries

Nothing Catholics do is more important than celebrating the liturgy.

Introduction to Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your baptismal call of service to one another. Our liturgies utilize the talents and gifts that God has given this community to the fullest extent.

Whether participation is through “behind the scenes” preparation and planning or through a public role of service within the Mass, Parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations. Please prayerfully consider joining one of these ministries.

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Altar Servers

The greatest among you must be your servant

Altar servers have the privilege of assisting the priest in the Sanctuary during the Mass and other liturgical functions.  
A perspective altar server must be in or above 5th grade and must be able to receive Communion. They must complete 4 out of 5 training sessions. These sessions are usually held once per year.  
There are guidelines to follow which are gone over in the first training session.  The guidelines include a dress code and a code of behavior which are read and agreed upon by both server and parents.  
A schedule for each server is provided monthly via email. Three servers are scheduled per Mass. 

If anyone is interested in serving some or all of the Fridays of Lent for Stations of the Cross, please let me know. Thanks.

Christian and Nadia join Altar Server Emily Shapeero for a team portrait after a Saturday afternoon Mass.

Fr. Mowery and I are training new altar servers.
The older kids should be ready by April.
You may see the 3rd and 4th graders on the schedule before then. They will carry candles only (above).

Anyone interested in becoming an altar server may apply by calling Karen Konkolics at 570-441-3459 or by email at

October 2022 Schedule:


Karen Konkolics

Shannon altar servers

All four children of Jonathan and Samantha Shannon served at Sunday Mass on May 8. From left: Alina (Central Columbia High School), Saleah (St. Columba School), Tyus (St. Columba School), and Calyssa (Central Columbia High School) with Father Richard Mowery, St. Columba Church Pastor.

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Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Nothing we can do for our children is more important than prayer.

We aim to share the inspired Word of God with children so they can understand and grow to love the scriptures.

We have a small but dedicated group, and you are welcome to attend a Children’s Liturgy of the Word on Sunday mornings to see if God is calling you to this ministry.

Youth Protections Clearances are required for this ministry which is offered during the Sunday morning masses at 10:30am.

We are recruiting! You are invited to join us as we share God’s word with children in Kindergarten through grade 6. Training, clearance application and assistance, and liturgy guidance (book guide) are provided. Please call Peggy Dimmick or the Parish Office if you are interested. 


Peggy Dimmick

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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Eucharist is Jesus who gives himself entirely to us, feeding on Him and abiding in Him through Eucharistic communion – if we do so in faith – transforms our lives into a gift to God and to our brothers and sisters.

Since Vatican II, lay members of the church are asked to serve the body and blood of Jesus to Parishioners attending Mass and the homebound, infirm, and incarcerated.

Parishioners assist with the distribution of the Eucharist (Body and Blood) at weekday, weekend, and Holy Day Masses. You must be 18 years of age, have received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church, and must be recognized by the Church if married. Training is ongoing.

Eucharist minister
Michael Howe


Michael Howe


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Gathering requires that we acknowledge the presence of one another as Christ among us.

Greeters make all feel welcome to our Parish services by greeting them warmly at the doors of our church. It is especially important for greeters to welcome visitors and those new to our church.

We are looking for greeters to help make all of our liturgies special, especially our upcoming Holiday celebrations. Please consider helping us out. A friendly face at the doors of the church can be life-changing. Beyond the Christmas season, we are looking for more greeters for Sunday Masses. It does not take a lot of time, nor are you asked to volunteer every Sunday. If you would be willing to stand at one of the church doors before Mass and simply wave or say “Welcome” or “Hello,” please email or call the parish office. We would love to have you join us.

Like with any first impression, greeters can help assure everyone feels they are part of our Parish community.

Greeters are asked to greet at least one time every 4-6 weeks depending on the number of greeters at each Mass.

A greeter is typically assigned to greet at one, and on some occasions, two Masses a month. The only qualification to be a greeter is the ability to provide kind greetings to our parishioners. If you are interested in becoming a greeter, please contact Nancy Edwards.

Greeters’ Schedules for 2021:


Nancy Edwards

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The Lord GOD has given me a well-trained tongue, That I might know how to answer the weary a word that will waken them. – Isaiah 50:4

Lectors proclaim the Parish’s General Intentions and the Word of God at Sunday Liturgy from the Lectionary. The Lectionary is an ordered presentation of scripture selections from both the Old and New Testaments and extends across a cycle of three years.

Lectors receive training and a handbook of readings.

Depending on the Mass time preference, Lectors are scheduled 1-2 times a month. Lectors do not have to be confirmed but must be practicing Catholics.

Current Schedule


Lucille Lukas

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You are welcome, be seated, be comfortable

Ushers assist those who may need help finding a seat, directions to the washrooms, answer any questions they may have or direct them to who can answer their questions.

We need ushers. Please call the office if you can join/resume this ministry.

The ushers help bring the gifts up during Mass and let the Special Ministers of the Eucharist know who needs communion brought to them.

They also take up the collection and gifts during the Mass. If someone gets ill or needs medical care, they do what is needed in those circumstances.

Ushers in action
Ministry leader


Robert Marande

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