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“Fide quaerens Intellectum”

“Always be prepared to make a defense … for the hope that is in you … with gentleness and reverence” (1Peter 3:15)

“Q’s from the Pews”

“Q’s from the Pews”

Why do Catholics separate the Our Father and its Ending? Protestants have a longer Lord’s prayer than Catholics do. Which begs the question, why? Especially since Protestants claim that Sola Scriptura or only the “true” written text of the Bible is authoritative. A concept known as inerrancy. Catholics also profess the inerrancy of sacred scripture. So which is correct? There are two versions of the Lord’s Prayer in the New Testament Mt 6:9-13 and Lk 11: 2-4. Likely, Our Lord had said this prayer or parts of it many times during his teaching, and all we have recorded is a summary of those many times. His summary is inspired by the Holy Spirit so it is inerrant. Centuries ago before the Reformation, the Catholic church adopted Matthew’s longer version for universal use. The words “For thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory now and forever” which we separate from the Lord’s prayer by an intercession prayer are actually NOT part of the Lord’s prayer. Rather, it is what is known as a Doxology or praise of God similar to “Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.” Early bibles were rare and often hand copied. Pius monks would often add explanatory remarks in the margins of their bibles. These notes are known as glossa. The doxology beginning with “Thine” was often said as an additional prayer during Mass in both the Eastern and Western Churches for centuries. Its use dates back to at least the 4th century. It was subsequently noted in the margins (glossa) of prayer books as a reminder. When the Protestant sects changed and re-wrote their bible they inadvertently copied this TRADITION of the Catholic Church into the Lord’s Prayer in their versions of the Bible. Catholic Tradition upheld Scripture! Next week: Why so many names for Holy Communion?

“Catholic Challenge for September”

Each day, Pray one more time than you usually do. Perhaps add a short prayer when you wake up thanking God for today, or add a midday prayer asking him for strength as you accomplish the day’s tasks. It doesn’t have to be long! “Jesus, be with me as I go about my day.”

“Inside Catholic Baseball”

Montanism was a 2nd century heresy that claimed there were new revelations from the Holy Spirit suggesting the Second Coming of Christ was imminent. This is the heresy that caused Tertulian’s Excommunication since he spread it throughout Carthage and the West.!

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