Prayer Requests

You matter to God. You matter to us.

“Love to pray. Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing God’s gift of Himself.” – Mother Teresa

Prayers for Me

I find myself needing spiritual help and guidance. I realize that prayer is an essential way to ask for Our Lord’s help and blessing knowing that God sometimes doesn’t answer our prayers as we’d like.

I submit my request to you, Father Richard J. Mowery (see form below), asking for your prayers and confidentiality with this matter.

Prayers for Others

I find myself needing spiritual help and guidance for someone I know. It is a truly divine form of charity to pray for others, especially for those most in need. I have faith that our efforts will give this person the grace to cope with their problem.

I submit my request to you, Father Richard J. Mowery (see form below), asking for your prayers and confidentiality with this matter.

Prayer List Additions

I have faith in the words of Jesus when He said, “Ask and you shall receive” John 16:24. With the strength of that conviction, I want to add a name to the prayer list for the sick which is published in our weekly bulletin and on our website.

To add a name to our Parish Prayer List, which is published in the weekly bulletin and below, please call the Parish Office (570) 784-0801 during office hours.

Request for Mass Cards

Mass cards are available in the Parish Center during regular hours. We prefer to schedule Mass intentions as needed, but if you are planning on requesting a special date, please submit your request as early as possible since we only list one intention per Mass and Sundays are already scheduled months in advance.

An acceptable donation for a Mass Card is $10, but we will not turn down anyone’s request. Call the Parish Office (570) 784-0801 during office hours.

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Our Privacy Policy

We recognize that your privacy is important. We strive to maintain the highest standards of decency, fairness, and integrity in all our operations. Likewise, we are dedicated to protecting our online visitors’ privacy on our website.

Please continue to remember the sick and those with special need in your prayers, especially

Joe Petruncio, Marion Staniszewski, Joe Finn, Antoinette Kanaskie, Lila Bern, Jane Voelcker, Ken Weaver, Theresa Chayko, Aly Howe, Diane Thackray, Addison Kaplan, Hannah Knittle, Kelly Temple, Ned Wagner, Campbell Blake, Justa Sabo, Tom McGovern, Marie Wagner, John Huber, Leah Baranaskas, Robert Haladay, Thea Staub, Patricia Wenner, Becky Garrison, Madonna Shannon, Lorraine Pastusak, Roxann Humphrey, Marna Moss, Michael Murphy, Greg Dalton, Kathryn Haas, Frank Golomb, Marisa Conrad, Anna Sarnoski, Carmela Franco, Cadence Yuhas, Mary Lou Kimsal, Ron Drumm, Bob Shaffer, Janet Bitler, Keith Parks, Dan Phillips, Ernesto Villico, Robert Baker, Jim Casey, Kelly Murphy, Barbara Smith, Dana Foulds, Bernie Staniszewski, Jay McNeill, Joyce Kishbaugh, Barbara Knowlton, Gina Abraczinskas, Paul Baker, Joe Mastellar, Rachael Smith, Kathleen Urso, Anne Baarck, Brett Conner, Royce Conner, Karissa Jones, Michael Dalkiewicz, Caroline Prickett, Alaina Humphrey, Vincent Kimsal, Patricia Casey Bower, Bernadine Zale, Denise Connift, Maryellen Young, Linda Haines, John Woll, Steven Atwood, Father Peter Cebulka, Dale Rinehimer, Jude Smerlick, Ellen Andreas, Jaxon Ryan Tobias, Karen Eifert, Ruby June Serafini, and Walter Solokowski.


NAMES ON THE SICK LIST expire after 6 months if we are unaware of their status. Simply call the office if an updated request is needed.

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