Altar Servers

The greatest among you must be your servant

Altar servers have the privilege of assisting the priest in the Sanctuary during the Mass and other liturgical functions.  
A prospective altar server must be in or above 5th grade and must be able to receive Communion. They must complete 4 out of 5 training sessions. These sessions are usually held once per year.  
There are guidelines to follow which are gone over in the first training session.  The guidelines include a dress code and a code of behavior which are read and agreed upon by both server and parents.  
A schedule for each server is provided monthly via email. Three servers are scheduled per Mass. 

If anyone is interested in serving some or all of the Fridays of Lent for Stations of the Cross, please let me know. Thanks.

Christian and Nadia join Altar Server Emily Shapeero for a team portrait after a Saturday afternoon Mass.

Looking for servers grade 5 and up. Specifically looking for young people who can serve the Saturday 5pm Mass. If interested, please call or text Karen Konkolics at 570-441-3459 or by email.

Anyone interested in becoming an altar server may apply by calling Karen Konkolics at 570-441-3459 or by email at

Current Schedule:


Karen Konkolics

Shannon altar servers

All four children of Jonathan and Samantha Shannon served at Sunday Mass on May 8. From left: Alina (Central Columbia High School), Saleah (St. Columba School), Tyus (St. Columba School), and Calyssa (Central Columbia High School) with Father Richard Mowery, St. Columba Church Pastor.

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