June 10, 2024 6:15 pm

SEVEN SISTERS APOSTOLATE needs help on two Fridays, June 14 and 21. A new Apostolate began in our church June 1 called the Seven Sisters Apostolate. This is a world -wide Movement, as well as in our Diocese, where seven women from the parish each pray for one day a week, one hour, for our Pastor. He is then covered with prayer every day of the week. This began with seven women who graciously said “yes” for one year to grace our priest.
They need to pray this hour in front of a Tabernacle. This can be difficult, as church hours in many parishes are shortened, or absent. If one of the Sisters is away at this point, she needs to find a; church open or Adoration place to say specific prayers for the Pastor. Or she may ask a sub. The purpose of this announcement is to find some subs so that the Sister may go away with family or due to illness, whatever the purpose. If any woman is interested in helping out this ministry on a sub basis, please call or text Judy Dobson at 570-594-7175. She will give you all the information you need for this occasional hour that will be met with gratitude by the Sister. At this time, we need a woman to pray on two Fridays, June 14th and 21st as one of the Sisters will be away . Thank you.

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St. Columba Catholic Church