Epiphany Blessing

It is traditional to ask God’s blessing on our homes. We have printed cards for this blessing that you are encouraged to place above the main doors of your homes. These cards have been placed on the tables at the entrances to the church. The current year, 2021, the initials, C. M. B. are marked above the main doorway. There are two explanations for the initials: Christus Mansionen Benedicat. These three Latin words mean: “May Christ bless this home.” They are also the first initials of the legendary Magi: Casper, Melchior, and Balthazar. While placing this blessing above the doorway of your home, pray: “May all who come to our home this year rejoice to find Christ living among us; and may we seek and serve Christ in everyone we meet. Amen.”
(Thanks to David A. Smith Printing Company from Harrisburg who donates these Epiphany Blessing Cards each year.)

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