Winterfest 2020

Winterfest is our annual craft, art, food, musical, and friendship kickoff to the Christmas season. For more news and details about Winterfest, join us on our Facebook page.

Once again a sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who generously contributed their time, attention, talents, advice, donations and labor to make WINTERFEST 2020 a great success, we made $7400. Each year WINTERFEST strives to create a “WONDROUS (Christmas) EXCHANGE” where our pastor, parishioners, staff, school faculty and community unite in support of St. Columba School.
Thank you, Monsignor Lawrence for your leadership and especially for your contribution of 50 quarts of “Heavenly Bean Soup”, the first menu item to sell out! We can’t leave out the help that we received from our new school principal, Peter Morisco, who along with his staff and students decorated our Christmas stage. Our school faculty helped develop our Covid mitigation procedures and bravely conducted temperature checks and Covid screening at the cafeteria entrance.
Thanks to all who attended and contributed by purchasing items from the Dollar Tree, chances on our Raffles, and food from our kitchen and baked goods donated by so many of you, our parishioners! A big thank you to “The Tuesday Crew” for putting up our signs on Route 11 and especially for constructing the protective screens!
We are so very grateful that this event was possible; your efforts lifted many of us ‘up’ during these trying and difficult times! Preparation for WINTERFEST starts early with wrapping, sorting and tagging over 4000 items for the Dollar Tree. If you would like to help with Winterfest, please call the church or school office.
Winterfest 2021 will be held on Saturday, November 20, 2021. We are starting now to collect items to use for our Dollar Tree. The red WINTERFEST tote is available at the Iron Street church entrance. We can use gift bags, paper and plastic treat bags. Check out after Christmas sales, think of regifting, give us your Christmas decorations that you do not need anymore, etc.
Thanks so much for your generosity in 2020 and thanks in advance for your continued support in 2021.

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Winterfest 2019

Friends, food, fun at Winterfest in July

Winterfest in July. Thanks to Alvin and Elaine Luschas for sponsoring a Winterfest summer reunion at their home for our Parish’s Winterfest volunteers. Even with a brief rain shower, the day was a wonderful time for all. Photography by Joyce.


Elaine Luschas

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Winterfest 2020

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