Angels for Life

Angels for Life was born in 1995 when a group of St. Columba Parishioners convened to discuss how we could bring awareness and education to our Parish on the sacredness of all human life.  

We have had several big projects over the years and have our regular yearly events: the Pro-Life Fair Booth, Life-Chain, March for Life, the Renaissance Booth, the Mother’s’ Day Carnation Sale, and participation in the fundraisers for Your Loving Choices (our local Crisis Pregnancy Center).

We also educate through bulletin articles and a bulletin board in the cafeteria (which will also be used for other Parish service groups). We have an ‘Angels’ Action Alert’ email list to inform of upcoming legislation dealing with protection for the lives of all from the preborn child to the infirmed elderly.  

Our hope and goal is help create a culture in our churches and in all of society in which human life is respected and dignified the way God intended.

THOUGHTS FROM ANGELS FOR LIFE: This past month (June 2019) proved a sad reality to the loss of respect for human life in our society. We saw Illinois become the 9th state to take away all common sense restrictions on abortion and legalize it up until the birth of the baby. Maine became the eighth state to legalize medical-assisted suicide.
Let us reflect on the words of Bishop Deeley of Maine and pray for the healing of our country and for our lawmakers to realize the truth that human life is intrinsically worthy of protection. “Allowing doctors to prescribe deadly medications to hasten a person’s death is a horrendous wound to the dignity of the human per-son. This law devalues human life and the essential human bonds that call us to value and care for one another.” 


Rhonda Dougherty

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