Faith Sharing (Currently inactive)

Our Parish’s Faith Sharing program provides adult Catholics the opportunity to continue their formation in the Catho­lic faith while bringing them closer to God. All sessions are open to any interested adult, including those who especially wish to understand the Catholic faith better.

Our sessions are designed to be very informal and personal and include fellowship and prayerful, spiritual, and scriptural opportunities.

The year’s Fall session will be a 6-8 week program that focuses on the DVD series, ”Mystery of God” by Bishop Barron. Each session will begin with a video followed by discussion and reflection.

The 4-week Advent program is based on scripture and prayerful preparation for the birth of Christ.

The 6-week Spring program is Lenten-based and focused on Sunday scripture readings.

Many sessions begin with videos produced by Bishop Robert Barron, who is the founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Our Parish Faith Sharing sessions are open to everyone, and if you cannot make all the sessions, that’s okay. Even one will inspire you.


Lucy Wittman
or call the Parish Office at: 570.784.0801

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