Pastor Chronology

The Chronology of St. Columba Parish Pastors and Assistant Pastors

Father John Fitzpatrick 1844-1847
Father John Flanagan 1844-1849
Father (no first name provided) Hennigan
Father (no first name provided) O’Keefe
was the first resident pastor of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Danville 1849 while serving the Bloomsburg Mission
Father Kerney
Father Sheridan 1851
Served the first Mass in a family basement
Father Edward Murray, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church and the Bloomsburg Mission 1857
Father (no first name provided) McGinnes, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church and the Bloomsburg Mission 1866
Father Schmidt 1877-1882
Father Andrew O’Brien 1882
Father Charles Kenny 1882
Father M. O’Reilly 1882-1884
Father Edward Clark 1885-1886
Father Arthur J. McCann 1886-1899
Father James Bair 1899-1910
Father Edward Burkard 1910-1917
Father Herman B. Gies 1917-1936
Father Louis J. Yeager 1936-1945
Father Daniel Gearing (assistant pastor for Father Yeager)
Father William Burke 1945-1957
Father Vincent J. Topper 1957-1963
Father James W. Beeman (assistant pastor for Father Topper) 1961-1964
Father John Suknaic 1963-1968
Father David T. McAndrew (assistant pastor for Father Suknaic)
Father Bernard Petrina (assistant pastor for Father Suknaic)
Father Hubert J. Kealy (assistant pastor for Father Suknaic)
Father Martin T. Brown (assistant pastor for Father Suknaic)
Father Joseph Kofchock 1968-1973
Father Leonard V. Casey 1973-1986
Father Thomas Langan 1986-1988
Father Thomas Scala (first as assistant pastor for Father Langan) 1986-1987
Father Ronald Moratelli (assistant pastor for Father Langan 1987-1998
Father Thomas Scala 1989-1994
Father Patrick Devine 1994-2009
Father Keller (assistant pastor for Father Devine) 1998-2000
Father Paul Fisher 2009-2011
Monsignor Robert E. Lawrence 2011-2021
Father Richard J. Mowery 2021 – Present

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