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Our Parish Library, located in our Parish Center, contains a large collection of fine books, with volumes that pertain to a great variety of subjects, ranging from Church History to Marriage and Family Life, and from Psychology and Counseling to Biography and Classics of Catholic Literature.  St. Columba parishioners also now have access to a wealth of references, on Sacred Scripture, Theology, Monasticism, and the Lives of the Saints.

*** Recent Updates ***

Thanks to the number of books that were donated to the Bloomsburg Public Library's Winter Book Sale, some fine acquisitions have been added to the Children's Book shelves in our Parish Library.

They include Swift's Gulliver's Travels,  Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped, C. S, Lewis's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and

an excellent sports biography.  I think that should be enough reading to

take us through the Spring!

"In a summer season, when soft was the sun, / I went forth in the world to see wonders."  So wrote the great English Catholic poet of the Middle Ages, William Langland, at the opening of his memorable poem. THE VISION OF PIERS THE PLOWMAN. Dr. Bill Zehringer recently journeyed over to the Bloomsburg Town Library Summer Book Sale, and came back with some fine acquisitions for the Children's Book Shelf, which are now in place on the shelves of our Parish Library. Here are a number of books which eager boys and girls may now feel free to borrow. May they bring you ( and your parents) many happy adventures:

- Two young adult adventure novels, WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS (A wilderness story) and A SHIELD WITH THREE LIONS (A medieval tale.)

- A book of stories in verse.

- A collection of MYTHS OF GREECE AND ROME.

- An illustrated edition of TOW YEARS BEFORE THE MAST, a classic American sea story.

- Another illustrated edition, this one of Jane Austen's great novel, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE,               

- And, last but not least,  A WILDERNESS SAMPLER, a tour through America's incredible forest and national parks.

Thank for the opportunity to add these books to our collection.  Keep the donations coming!

Dr. Bill Zehringer, has also placed a copy of his recently published young adult novel, I WANT A HERO, among the volumes reposing on the shelves in our Parish Library.  It may be found in the Children's Book Section.  He is excited to share his story with as many young readers as possible.

Everyone is welcome to make use of these resources that have been brought together for our pleasure and our use.  When returning one or more books, please simply put them on one of the library tables so that they can be sorted and returned to their proper places.

Anyone who may have questions about the library may feel free to email Dr. Bill Zehringer at



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